Public Review of Draft Documents

APTA invites all stakeholders to review and comment on draft documents in development.  The APTA Standards Development Program publishes documents through a consensus-based process and the public review period is a critical part of the development process.

Current comment period: September 1 through September 30, 2020

Commenting Instructions

View the latest set of documents in development by APTA’s working groups. Reviewers may submit comments as often as they like during the review period. Start your review today!

  • Reviewers should scroll down to the bottom of this page
  • Select the name of the document to review more details, download or provide a comment
  • Select Document Actions to “Add a Comment”
  • Comments are accepted from APTA members or nonmembers
  • Reviewers should contact if you experience any problems with providing your inputs
  • For additional guidance download this Step-by-Step Guide. 
Title Category Working Group Description
Security Risk Assessment Methodology for Public Transit Security & Emergency Mgmt. Infrastructure & Systems Security This standard proposes a methodology for determining security risk in public transportation systems.
Electronic Brake Control Valve Equipment Qualification—Testing Requirements Commuter, Intercity and High-Speed Rail Standards (PRESS) Mechanical This standard contains the minimum testing requirements for brake control valve (26C emulation) and electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP) brake systems operating on passenger cars that are part of the general railroad system.
ECP Passenger Cable-Based Braking System—ECP-Ready Configurations Commuter, Intercity and High-Speed Rail Standards (PRESS Mechanical This document defines the requirements for the procurement of passenger rail cars, cab cars, and locomotives that can be equipped with passenger electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP) brake equipment as used in the general railroad system.
Pneumatic Piping for Vehicles Commuter, Intercity and High-Speed Rail Standards (PRESS Mechanical This document establishes a standard for designing and arranging air brake and auxiliary pneumatic piping on passenger vehicles.
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