Innovations in Mobility: OMNY- New York MTA’s New Contactless Payment Platform

Thursday, October 1, 3:00 – 3:45 pm ET

New York MTA’s OMNY program is moving the region toward a fully contactless system, a transition with added urgency due to the pandemic. The new fare payment system enables payments by smartphone, other devices with digital wallets or contactless debit/credit card, and provides the capacity for future innovations like fare capping and multi-modal ticketing. The interview will explore the core functionalities MTA is building into the system, its impact on the ridership experience, and the opportunities OMNY presents for ongoing enhancements to transit ticketing in the future.

Interviewer: Endya Freeman, Chair, Fare Collections Systems Committee, APTA; Revenue Manager, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, Jacksonville, FL
Presenter / Discussant: Alan Putre, Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, NYCT, New York, NY
Series Sponsor: Christopher Pangilinan, Head of Global Policy for Public Transportation, Uber | Routematch, San Francisco, CA

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